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Fundamentals of Photography Course Goes Online!

The world is changing fast, and, with it, the world of online learning. While face-to-face learning will always have a special human element that no screen interface could ever match, the strengths and benefits of online learning are shining through powerfully in 2020. The worldwide effects of the pandemic and its aftershocks have hardly even begun to be seen. But one thing has become clear: the value of learning from home. The safety, convenience, and comfort online learning offers have never been appreciated more than during this time of lockdown. The resurgence of cases around the world when lockdowns are eased only underscore how valuable the option to stay at home is. 


Photography will always be a popular activity to learn because we love to take pictures and we love to see the pictures others have taken. We love to share moments, we love to create art, we love to be able to witness to the beauty or the danger of the world — and photography allows us to do all of this. 

Best of all, photography is special in that the results we get from it we are able to treasure the rest of our lives — and the value of our photographs only grows as the years go by. 


All of this is why I have begun preparing my most popular courses for you to enjoy online from the comfort of your home. The first of these is the first photography workshop I ever gave, back in 2012: Fundamentals of Photography. Back then it was called, From Snapshot to Photograph: See through the Eyes of a Photographer. It focused exclusively on the basics of artistic composition. 

The next course in the line-up back then was Light and Shadow. This course focused on the obvious–how to begin to see and use light and shadow in your photography–but it added the crucial element of how to master your DSLR camera. 

After a few rounds of these courses, it became clear to me that they should be combined into one. This is because together they make up the beginning of all courses to come. They work together as the foundation of your future as a photographer, no matter which direction you go–whether professional or amateur–whether street photographer or wedding photographer or whatever other genre you enjoy. 


The online version of Fundamentals of Photography covers everything that the in-person course covers: The essential elements of composition and all the crucial knowledge you need to use your camera as an instrument of your vision. It has the advantage over in-person courses of being able to do it wherever you are around the world, and of being able to pause and rewatch any segments you didn’t quite catch the first time. Since I have taught this course many times over the years, I am able to anticipate most of your questions, and so I build in my answers into the course. If you have any questions I don’t cover, you are free to contact me and I will help you through them. 


This course starts out at a very welcoming price, and so I encourage you to take advantage of this introductory price by getting in touch with me today. You can reach me at 52-951-280-0774,, or simply send me a message directly from this website by clicking “Get Started/Contact” above.